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I love Steve Carell (can’t wait for his GET SMART, one of my fave childhood TV shows), but I’m conflicted about EVAN ALMIGHTY, the follow-up to a movie (BRUCE ALMIGHTY, der) that exited from my memory before the credits could even roll. And ever since ACE VENTURA, director Tom Shadyac has mostly made lowest common denominator junk like THE NUTTY PROFESSOR and PATCH ADAMS.

The pseudo-sequel finds Carell’s former jackass newsman now as a Congressman who gets told by Morgan “God” Freeman to build an ark, and you do what God says, or you get Godslapped. Lots of heretical humor follows, but the most interesting thing about it may be seeing how they managed to spend a rumored $200+ million on a comedy.

Anyway, new international poster art!


Source: Evan Almighty

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