Paul Rudd and Nick Jonas raise their horns for Power Ballad, a musical comedy about musicians warring over a song

Paul Rudd and Nick Jonas are ready to shred each other because of a song in the upcoming musical comedy Power Ballad.

Power Ballad, Paul Rudd, Nick Jonas

Scout a picturesque cliffside and fire up the wind machines because Paul Rudd and Nick Jonas are ready to feel the wind in their hair while serenading audiences for the musical comedy Power Ballad. The film starring Rudd (Ghostbusters: Frozen EmpireAnt-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania) and Jonas (Jumanji: The Next LevelMidway) revolves around a wedding singer (Rudd), a rock star (Jonas), and the song that divides them. The project hails from 30West and Anthony Bregman’s Likely Story.

John Carney directs Power Ballad from a script he co-wrote with Peter McDonald, who wrote and directed the comedy short Pentecost and co-wrote The Bachelor Weekend with John Butler.

“We are so excited to bring John Carney’s next film to Cannes. John has a magic ability to weave great music into wonderfully engaging and universally relatable stories that make audience emotions run high,” said Alex Walton of WME. Power Ballad is fun and heartwarming – themes that audiences crave today.  His unique vision, coupled with the global appeal of Paul Rudd and Nick Jonas, will give buyers exactly what they’re looking for.”

After busting ghosts alongside the stars of Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, Rudd is wrapping up two of his latest film projects, Death of a Unicorn and Friendship. Alex Scharfman’s Death of Unicorn focuses on a father-daughter duo, Riley (Jenna Ortega) and Elliot (Paul Rudd), who hit a unicorn with their car and bring it to the wilderness retreat of a mega-wealthy pharmaceutical CEO. The comedic horror film also stars Will Poulter, Téa Leoni, Richard E. Grant, Jessica Hynes, Anthony Carrigan, and Steve Park.

Rudd’s Friendship film comes from Andrew DeYoung. The comedy revolves around a new neighbor threatening Craig Waterman’s quiet life, and Craig struggles to protect his family’s security. Kate Mara, Meredith Garreton, Josh Segarra, and Jack Dylan Grazer also star alongside Rudd in the upcoming feature.

Will Paul Rudd slappa da bass for Power Ballad? Is Nick Jonas ready to channel his rock star past into his new character? What do you think the song they’re warring about sounds like? I’m hearing a mixture of White Snake’s “Here I Go Again” and REO Speedwagon’s “Can’t Fight This Feeling,” but we’ll need to wait and see.

Source: Deadline

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