Production begins on Brian O’Malley’s gothic horror story The Lodgers

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

Charlotte Vega

Having made his feature directorial debut with the horror film LET US PREY, Brian O'Malley is sticking with the genre for his sophomore effort, a gothic ghost story called THE LODGERS.

Filming has begun on THE LODGERS, with a cast that includes Charlotte Vega (pictured above), Bill Milner, Eugene Simon, David Bradley, and Moe Dunford.

Written by David Turpin, the film will tell the story of 

a sister (Vega) and brother (Milner) haunted by a secret curse that forces them to remain in the large estate home left to them by their dead parents. But when a young man (Simon) who falls in love with the sister tries to free her, his attempt sets off a deadly chain reaction.

THE LODGERS is set to be shot almost entirely within Ireland's most famous haunted house, Loftus Hall, a place that is said to be haunted by both the spirit of a young woman and by Satan himself. The filmmakers have chosen the perfect year to be spending time in Loftus Hall, too. This is the 666th anniversary of the house's construction.

Financed by the Irish Film Board, the film is being produced by Ruth Treacy and Julianne Forde of Tailored Films. Patrick Ewald and Shaked Berenson's Epic Pictures Group executive produce and will be handling worldwide sales and distribution outside of Ireland.

A LODGERS promo video that was shot in Loftus Hall can be seen below:

Source: Deadline

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