Psychological thriller Jasmine starring Byron Mann and Grace Huang wraps

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Shanghai Street Films announced that they’ve just entered the final stages of post production on JASMINE, a psychological thriller starring Byron Mann, Grace Huang (pictured above and below), Jason Tobin, Eugenia Yuan and Sarah Lian. Dax Phelan made his directorial debut on the film.

Leonard To (Tobin), still struggling to come to terms with his grief nearly a year after his wife’s unsolved murder. Hoping to move on with his life, Leonard reconnects with Grace (Yuan), a woman from his past, and his outlook begins to brighten. But, when a visit to the site of his wife’s murder leads him to a mysterious interloper (Mann) he believes is her killer, Leonard decides to take justice into his own hands and things take a startling turn toward the unexpected.

The story of JASMINE was co-written by Phelan and Tobin who are also producers on the film along with veteran studio producer Stratton Leopold (MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 3). The script was penned by Phelan.

Grace Huang

Source: Arrow In The Head

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