Full Moon’s Pulp Noir movies will be available in black & white and on VHS

Full Moon will be releasing black & white versions of their Pulp Noir movies, which will also be available on VHS

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Last month, Charles Band’s company Full Moon announced that they’re launching a new production label called Pulp Noir, which will focus on “edgier, weirder, darker horror and dark fantasy films,” with a slate of ten films. (The plan being that all ten of those movies are going to be filmed by the end of this year.) Production has already wrapped on the first of the Pulp Noir movies, Quadrant… and after looking over the footage, Band has decided that Full Moon will be releasing black & white versions of all of the movies in the Pulp Noir line. In addition to that, they will also be available on VHS!

Band confirmed this plan on a short episode of his YouTube series Full Moon Universe, where he said, “We all decided here that what would be awesome, considering how really cool the footage is looking from our first Pulp Noir movie Quadrant, that we release all Pulp Noir movies in black & white as well as color. Whether it will be on the same disc or it will be a separate disc in the case, I’m not sure yet, this is an idea that just made sense today. We had a wonderful photographer on set who took some of the shots that we were doing in black & white and I thought, ‘Wow, this is looking amazing.’ So why not, since we’re doing something different here anyway, create a black & white version of each one of these features? In that regard, when we release these movies on disc, we’re also going to release all these Pulp Noir movies on VHS. I mean, why not? It’s such a big part of a lot of our history.

To see some images from the filming of Quadrant and some VHS concept art, click over to the Full Moon Universe video.

Pulp Noir’s first slate of films consists of: Quadrant, Death Streamer, Subscriber, Subhuman, Bad CGI Werewolves! (sort of a companion piece to Full Moon’s recent release Bad CGI Gator), Zombie Hotel, Surprise Party, the paranormal romance The Lost Girl’s Private Diary, Svengali 2024, and Hourglass.

Directed by Band, Quadrant was written by C. Courtney Joyner and is described as being an unholy blend of steampunk terror and sci-fi slasher, with a female serial killer using the titular VR device to stalk her prey and channel the legacy of Jack the Ripper, and another heroic woman entering the ether-verse to bring her down!

Promotional art features a more in-depth synopsis: Developed by scientists Harry and Meg, the Quadrant helmet allows your mind to transport you into a world where all your phobias and nightmares are real, while also granting you the strength to defeat them, liberating you from their control forever. But the Quadrant experiment is about to go terribly wrong. When Erin, a young girl who’s obsessed with Jack the Ripper, uses the device to actually become the Ripper, she unleashes a reign of terror, first in her mind in an AI version of old London created by the Quadrant, and then in reality, where she now stalks the contemporary city streets, seeking out victims for her blade. The only way to stop this savage new Ripper is for an even more vicious killer to enter the artificial Quadrant-verse and bring her down. What ensues is a brutal, bloody battle, murderer against murderer, both in this world and the surreal, dangerous, synthetic world of Quadrant!

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Source: Full Moon Universe

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