Puppet zombie western

Many horror fanatics will finally see a dream come true when Old West gunslingers battle flesh-eating zombies in the upcoming UNDEAD OR ALIVE. Unfortunately that movie (premiering at SXSW) stars endlessly annoying ex-SNLer Chris Kattan, so I think I’d rather check out this one: a Danish short film called IT CAME FROM THE WEST, featuring a similar theme but with an all-star cast of… freakish puppets.

The official synopsis (complete with endearingly fractured English): “Virgil lives in a saloon in the wild west. Nobody takes him serious, neither his father or the two cowboys Eddie and Hank. One day the saloon is attacked by zombies. Will Virgil ever proof to be anything but a whimp? And who’s the Dark Butcher? 17 minutes of great zombie-splatter-cowboy-western inspired by Sergio Leone, torn apart by director Tor Fruergaard.

The filmmakers are working on a dubbed version, which should help emulate the spaghetti western tone even more. This is definitely on my must-see list of horror flicks with foam rubber stars. Check out the wonderfully gruesome new trailer RIGHT HERE and decide for yourself.

Source: Creature Corner, Official site

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