Reno 911 creators have begun talking “very seriously” about new movie

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

After six seasons of law enforcement shenanigans RENO 911 ended in 2009, and since then fans have been clamoring for some kind of revival. Though we may never see the gang reunite for a new show, a new movie isn’t exactly out of the question and one of the stars/writers/creators just spoke/addressed/discussed the matter.

While talking with Cinema Blend about his role on shows like THE ODD COUPLE and LETHAL WEAPON, Thomas Lennon was asked about the prospect of anymore cop-related hijinks in Nevada, to which he said he and another one of the shows co-creators, Robert Ben Garant, have begun to talk “very seriously” about a new movie:

“[Robert Ben Garant] and I have just started talking very seriously about the idea of another Reno movie that sort of deals with like the world of the police now and things like that. We hadn't really talked about it for years because we've just been doing other stuff, we were writing movies here and there. About six weeks ago we genuinely had an idea. We do live in a world where no matter what we do separately or together, the main question people always ask is 'When are you gonna do a Reno thing?' We have a major thought right now for a Reno movie that we're kicking back and forth.

Talks of some kind of reboot to the series or sequel to the 2007 movie have been more like whispers for some time, as many of the cast have gone on to work on a litany of other successful projects. But given the current climate between the police and average citizens Lennon and Garant seem to think it’s time to bring a little levity to the issue. And short shorts. Musn't forget short shorts.

I can’t see this movie playing in theaters across America, but on something like Netflix it could easily work. And while I never saw the series as a commentary on police/public relations, tackling the subject in a satirical way could be an interesting angle to go with to make a movie feel fresh, and not look like some cash grab. As long as the movie brings the silly I think a seeing everyone back together could be a nice little injection of nostalgia. And, again, short shorts.

Source: Cinema Blend

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