Resident Evil reboot to be produced by James Wan

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

There’s already major news coming out regarding that RESIDENT EVIL reboot we reported on earlier today. The franchise, which concluded its run of Milla Jovovich-led movies earlier this year, is gearing up for a whole new SIX film reboot courtesy of Constantin Film, which produced the previous EVIL flicks. Now a very big name in the horror world has come aboard the project to (hopefully) steer it in a more interesting direction.

Deadline reports James Wan (THE CONJURING and INSIDIOUS films) will be producing RESIDENT EVIL, which will have a script by Greg Russo. Russo and Wan previously worked on the new MORTAL KOMBAT movie that Wan is producing as well.

Plot details are, of course, under wraps, but Wan’s involvement may hint that this new EVIL world will be closer in spirit to the dark, frightening video games that have been coming out since 1996. If that is the case, I think we’ll be hearing from many happy horror fans who’ve been clamoring for a series of movies that more resemble the Capcom games they’ve been playing for years.

Deadline also claims the films will have an entirely new cast, which I suppose we could have assumed ourselves. More details should creep on in soon.

Source: Deadline

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