Review: Las Vegas Love Stories

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

PLOT: Las Vegas Love Stories presents six 8.2 second shorts that explore the impact of falling in love. As well, they attempt to convince you to check into the Park MGM the next time you go to Las Vegas.

REVIEW: One of the most provocative cinematic storytellers of our time is Michel Gondry. The director has made one of the most profound movies about love with the exceptional ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND, as well as his own sweetly conceived love letter to cinema with BE KIND REWIND. Most recently, the filmmaker is doing something just a little different. In a collaboration with his brother Olivier Gondry, the two have crafted a series of short films. And when I say short, I mean about 8.2 seconds – closer to 30 seconds with intro and end credits. These fanciful flicks are in association with the Park MGM in Las Vegas, and each short is about falling in love. So does this cinematic/advertising creation leave an impression? Read on…

Las Vegas Love Stories consists of six micro short films. They include “It is Decidedly So” about a newlywed couple on what appears to be a rollercoaster of a romance. “Room 802” finds two old friends reuniting for a passionate kiss. “The Big Eight” starts at a craps table and ends up in a hotel room. In “No Ordinary August," two people literally dive into a romantic kiss. “Night of the Scorpio” turns the valet into a magical version of bumper cars, pushing two lovers into each others arms. And finally, “Our Infinity” tells the story of two women who find romance, even though one is struggling with whether or not she should dive in.

Last night I caught this series in a small screening room. Frankly, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I didn’t expect such a quick presentation. The film’s themselves – which you can currently watch on YouTube or just click on one of the vidoes here – are bright and engaging and very much a product of the Gondry brothers. “It is Decidedly So” was the first we watched, and it certainly had me wondering what was to come. A woman riding up an escalator, which suddenly becomes a rollercoaster is not necessarily a subtle expression of love. Frankly, none of the six films are terribly subtle, they are wild and quick and almost literally blink and you miss something. That said, they each have a bit of beauty on their own.

As pretty as the six films are, it is hard to really gather much from them as a viewer. No matter how quick audiences current attention span may be, this might just be too fast to really find any emotional connection to the work. Before you can say, "a guy and a girl fall into a swimming pool and kiss," the movie is done. That said, each one of the shorts has a bit of charm thanks to the orchestral score, the impressive visual effects and a few interesting faces when it comes to the actors involved.

While this may not be a completely new way to tell a story – I've seen a few very short, short films – the Gondry brothers certainly have put their stamp on the odd and quirky here. Yet ultimately, as pretty as these films are, it still feels more like an advertisement for the Park MGM. However, if you are going to do an ad, this is a clever and creative way to do it. And frankly, by giving Michael and Olivier a bit of freedom is at the very least worth taking a look. While these little slices of love don’t quite connect with the viewer as they might have hoped, this is still a fascinating example of crafting something more than what it could have been.

You can currently take a look at all six Las Vegas Love Stories for yourself. Each one is available to view on YouTube – as well, a few are included in this review. If you are a fan of Michel Gondry or Olivier Gondry, there is no reason to not at least check out these creative shorts. They certainly won’t change your life, or even leave a major impact, but they are enjoyable little love stories that have a bit more heart than your average Trivago commercial.

Review: Las Vegas Love Stories



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