The Rings of Power: first two episodes to hit theaters before the streaming premiere

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There is a new chance to experience a new Lord of the Rings entry on the big screen! Not so fast, though. Here’s the lowdown. Amazon has announced that it will be giving fans a chance to see the first two episodes of the upcoming series, The Rings of Power, in theatres two days before the premiere on the streaming service.

Variety reports that the Cinemark theatre chain has the exclusive on screening the episodes as a global one-night-only fan event on August 31. However, this event is only open to their Cinemark Movie Rewards Members, which is their loyalty program available in two tiers that also offers a free subscription option. Tickets will become available for purchase today at 9am PT on their official website and includes a $10 snack voucher.

This special Lord of the Rings fan event will reportedly be taking place across 200 Cinemark locations all over the world. Outside of the United States and Canada, they will also be hosting the fan event in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Argentina, Colombia, Australia, and New Zealand. 

This move by Amazon comes off the heels of the news of the Swedish video game company, Embracer Group, buying the rights to Middle-earth Enterprises, formerly Tolkien Enterprises, which oversees the releasing of various media of the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit-related properties. The Saul Zaentz Company, of which Middle-earth Enterprises is a division, has expressed their excitement over the new acquisition. These events are looking to breathe a new, extended life into the Middle-earth universe. 

Amazon has reportedly given the series a production budget of over $400 million, which would partly explain the push for this release strategy. New Zealand has become synonymous with the series since the Peter Jackson productions have all filmed in the country, and their minister for economic development and tourism has passionately described this show as “the largest television series ever made.”

Tickets are available for purchase at the Cinemark theatre website here.

What do you think? Are you excited about the new show?

Source: Variety

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