Rob Liefeld passes on Netflix deal to shop EXTREME universe to other outlets

Most days, it can feel as if everyone you know is readying a press release for their upcoming Netflix series. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if later this afternoon, my cat pads up to me to announce that I'm no longer useful as his "bringer of tuna," and that his new Netflix liaison will be my replacement. I can see it all now, Dubs: The Time is Meow, coming to Netflix next summer.

While we're waiting to get the good word from my feline friend, let's talk about Rob Liefled, who recently announced via Twitter that he's bowed out of his deal with Netflix to create several film adaptations of properties belonging to his "Extreme" universe. As a result of the deal being terminated, Liefeld now plans to shop the rights to his material elsewhere.

Before Liefeld's "seven figure rights deal" was cut down faster than Wade can wolf a chimichanga, the Deadpool co-creator was expected to bring six Extreme titles to the streaming giant: Brigade, Bloodstrike, Cybrid, Re-Gex, Bloodwulf, and Kaboom. Meanwhile, Liefeld chose to keep titles like Youngblood, Prophet, and Avengelyne in his pocket, with the intention of shopping them to other outlets.

While this news might hit some of you as distressing, I urge you to remain calm. From what I've gathered online, Liefeld is merely searching for a better opportunity to bring his characters to the binge-hungry masses, stating that he will always protect his creations first and foremost. To me, that shows integrity, and Hollywood could always use a bit more of that, eh?

What do you think about Rob Liefeld parting ways with Netflix? Are you excited to see characters from the Extreme universe get their own television series or film? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Twitter

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