Robin Hardy to complete The Wicker Man trilogy with Wrath of the Gods

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

Color me intrigued!

With the recent news that THE WICKER MAN: THE FINAL CUT would soon be headed our way after an extended effort by StudioCanal to locate missing material for the films 40th anniversary, we now have word that THE WICKER MAN director Robin Hardy has revealed that he is moving ahead with new feature titled WRATH OF THE GODS, which will complete a trilogy of ‘Wicker’ films (following 2011's THE WICKER TREE).

Screen Daily is reporting that the writer-director is moving forward with WRATH OF THE GODS, aiming to take it in front of the cameras in 2014. Says Hardy…

“I am just at the opening stages of financing it and hope to make it next year."

And while plot details are still under wraps, Hardy did share this:

“The first two films are all (about) offers to the Gods. The third film is about the Gods. I use the vehicle of the final act of Götterdämmerung (the last of Wagner’s Ring cycle).”

The new project, which is slated to shoot in the Shetlands, won’t be “heavily Wagner-esque” but is expected to explore similar themes to the previous two films.

I know many fans (myself included) were more than disappointed with THE WICKER TREE, but I'm still interested in seeing what Hardy has cooked up for WRATH OF THE GODS. Hopefully we'll be hearing more on this one soon.

Source: Screen Daily

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