Rumor: Neve Campbell may have secretly signed on for Scream 6

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Scream fans everywhere were seriously bummed out by the news that Neve Campbell would not be returning for Scream 6 due to a salary dispute with Paramount Pictures/Spyglass. There have been many calls to make this all right and, if this rumor is to be believed, it looks like the studio may have done just that because there is a rumor floating around that Neve Campbell has secretly signed on for the next installment.

Again, this is a rumor so take it with a grain of salt but given the source, it could turn out to be true down the line. An Instagram page called dontfuckwiththeoriginal, which is a nod to a line uttered by Neve in Scream 4, seems to indicate that negotiations between the actress and the studio found some common ground and she will be returning for a smaller role in Scream 6 that will be expanded upon in Scream 7, which concludes this new trilogy. They sight a source that has been “pristine” with facts in the past but, again, this is a rumor, and we have to take it as such until we hear otherwise. You can check out the post below!

If this is true, it will be great news for the fans because for a lot of us, Neve Campbell is Scream and she should be there to close this new trilogy out. When the news was announced that she would not be returning her name trended on Twitter immediately following the news and it should’ve been clear to Paramount that they needed to do whatever it takes to get her back. This is one rumor that I hope turns out to be true.

Do YOU think Neve Campbell secretly signed on for Scream 6?

Source: Instagram

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