Russell Crowe makes waves by teasing Master and Commander 2

O Captain! My Captain! Wait … sorry, wrong movie. Earlier today, MASTER AND COMMANDER: FAR SIDE OF THE WORLD star Russell Crowe took to his personal Twitter account to tease that a sequel to the 2003 sea-fairing epic is potentially getting ready to set sail.

You can view Crowe's dodgy tweet below:

The first film in the potential series was directed by Peter Weir (THE TRUMAN SHOW, DEAD POET'S SOCIETY) and told the story of Capt. Jack Aubrey, a brash British captain who pushes his ship and its crew to the limit while pursuing a menacing French war vessel around South America. At the time of its release, MASTER AND COMMANDER: FAR SIDE OF THE WORLD was well received by both audience members and critics alike. In fact, during the 2003 awards season, Master had earned itself 10 nominations, including Best Picture and Best Director. By the close of the ceremony, the film had won the awards for both Best Cinematography and Best Sound Editing.

While some will undoubtedly find Crowe's cryptic words encouraging, the wind will only blow for a follow-up if 20th Century Fox is feeling up to making the journey.

What say you, friends? Are you down to strap on your best boots and set sail for the horizon with Capt. Jack Aubrey, once more? Let us know in the comments below! 

Source: Twitter

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