Ryan Gosling and Kirsten Dunst share a topless embrace in this poster for All Good Things

We’ve heard very little from ALL GOOD THINGS.

Then suddenly pops up this poster for the film. The poster is basic, but I sort of like it. It kind of has that BASIC INSTINCT poster feel to it. The film is actually based on the true story of real-estate heir, Robert Durst and brings a bit of drama to one of New York City’s most famous crimes.


“Set against the extravagance and excess of New York City in the 80s, David Marks (Gosling), the son of a powerful real estate tycoon, marries a beautiful working class student, Katie (Dunst). Together they flee the city for country life in Vermont – only to be lured back by David’s father. Upon their return, Katie goes back to medical school and begins to make a life for herself. But as Katie becomes increasingly independent, David mysteriously turns more violent and controlling. Family secrets are slowly revealed, just as Katie disappears without a trace. Years later, when David’s best friend turns up dead, the 20-year-old case is re-opened, with David as the main suspect, and the Marks family’s dark secrets pave the way to a disturbing truth.”

Source: Magnolia Pictures

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