Ryan Reynolds sends a heartfelt greeting to a young Deadpool fan

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

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Celebrating one's birthday during a pandemic is a rough business, especially when the need for social distance from your friends and loved ones is key to getting the world back on track. However, what if someone like Ryan Reynolds made it his personal mission to guarantee that you commemorate your special day in style? Would you freak out? Would all other birthdays pale in comparison from then on? Probably, but that's not about to stop this feel-good story from making you want to grab a noisemaker and turn the crank.

Recently after a boy named Damien Smith and his family moved from Coquitlam to Canoe, the young man had trouble adjusting to his new home. Compounded with the notion of celebrating his birthday during COVID-19, Damien was feeling pretty down in the dumps. That is until Ryan Reynolds swooped in and sent him a sweet birthday message that he'll likely treasure for the many years to come.

The story goes a little something like this …

Damien's mom, Tiffany Trudell, took to social media to ask residents to wish Damien a happy birthday. Before long, her post went viral, garnering an embarrassment of well-wishes and sympathies. Knowing her son is a big Deadpool fan, Trudell decided to reach out to Reynolds, who was more than happy to send Damien a video message that's sweeter than Canadian Maple Syrup warned over an open fire.

"I relate to your story a lot because I also went to a new school when I was a kid, a couple actually," said Reynolds. "I remember how alienated I felt, I remember how alone I felt and unseen I felt."

"As I become a border-line grown up, I would say that one of the things I've come to realize is that when you feel suffering and you feel bad about something, usually it's because you feel like you're the only one because you feel like you're totally alone. I think the reason people grabbed on to this story about you and what you're going through is because they relate to it."

Reynolds went on to explain that he, too, has experienced loneliness when moving from place to place throughout his life.

"All across Canada, all over the world, they're saying 'that's me, I feel just like Damien, I've felt like that before.' So I guess the point is, you're not alone."

Reynolds then concluded his video message by wishing Damien a happy birthday and continued safety during the ongoing pandemic.

Mr. Reynolds, if you read this, my 40th birthday is in January, and a birthday message from you would make my upcoming milestone unforgettable. I'm also a huge Deadpool fan if that helps my chances. Seriously though, what a lovely gesture. I think it speaks to Reynold's character that he's willing to take time out of his busy schedule to connect with a fan, and make certain that they feel seen, loved, and appreciated. I'm tearing up just thinking about it.

In addition to Reynolds' birthday message, Damien received countless cards and gifts from people all across the internet that had seen his story, proving beyond the shadow of a doubt that good things still happen, even during a pandemic.

Source: KamloopsNow

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