Sam Raimi heads into tornado winds again to be involved with Stormfall

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

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The last time Sam Raimi dealt with tornadoes, we ended up not in Kansas anymore, getting a new look at the magical world of Oz in OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL. This time he's taking us into a heist thriller.

Raimi is developing as a producer an untitled heist caper with the working name STORMFALL right now with an eye towards directing it down the line. Currently, the concept is out to writer(s) to pen the script, but the premise revolves around a tornado storm, a heist of some sort and the relationship between a thief and his older mentor. 

My guess would be that the tornado wreaks havoc on plans to pull off a job rather than planning a job around a twister, since they pop up whenever they feel like it and are hardly reliable when it comes to punctuality… but this is the type of film that sounds like it'd be in Raimi's wheelhouse. While we all like to remember Raimi for his SPIDER-MAN trilogy and all things EVIL DEAD, he is also the guy who directed A SIMPLE PLAN. This sounds like a mix of small-scale and big-scale Raimi, so I'm curious to see how this shakes out down the road if he sticks with it. It could be excellent… or it could be Nicolas Cage's SNAKE EYES. 


Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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