Sam Witwer says Return of the Jedi ending better than Rise of Skywalker’s

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

Darth Maul voice actor Sam Witwer has been giving his two cents on the STAR WARS franchise lately, most recently accusing director Rian Johnson of not doing his STAR WARS homework before going into STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI. Now Witwer is throwing in his opinion on STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER and he thinks another ending of the STAR WARS saga is hard to top.

In the same Twitch stream where he addressed the subject of Rian Johnson, Witwer critiqued THE RISE OF SKYWALKER and it seems like he wasn't much of a fan of the film:

"It's um… look, if you like it, awesome. It's not as meaningful to me because I can't really reconcile that mythology with George's. But that's just my opinion, you know? My personal take is I think a Star Wars film is where the moral of the story is 'throw down your weapon, don't hurt your family, love or fear.' I think that's superior than a Star Wars where you win by melting the bad guy's face off. That's just my thing… I don't know that you can do a better ending than Return of the Jedi."

There is a bit of a divisive nature in regards to THE RISE OF SKYWALKER, although I think fans were kinder to that film when compared to Johnson's THE LAST JEDI. Critics weren't wowed by SKYWALKER but Witwer's criticisms seem more like personal preference rather than commenting on the quality of the film itself. He does go on to say that the film had "great moments" but it appears they didn't add up to a great whole for him. What's clear, given these comments and his views on THE LAST JEDI, Witwer is a STAR WARS fan who also happens to work for the animated side of things. He provides the voice of Darth Maul and Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels.

Do agree with Witwer's THE RISE OF SKYWALKER assessment?

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