Samoa Joe’s Sweet Tooth terrified Twisted Metal co-stars

Pro wrestler-turned-evil clown Samoa Joe said his Sweet Tooth persona frightened his Twisted Metal castmates.

Sweet Tooth Twisted Metal

It’s one thing to step into the ring with Samoa Joe, but to confront him while he’s dressed as a clown in an ice cream truck? No thanks. Apparently, that’s pretty much how a lot of his Twisted Metal co-stars felt, as Samoa Joe has said the sheer look of Sweet Tooth put the fear right into them.

Speaking with CBR, Samoa Joe (a former WWE U.S. Champ, for those keeping score) said he eased into Sweet Tooth due to the get-up but was also helped quite a bit by those on the set of Twisted Metal. “To be quite honest, it was very easy. I mean, anytime you put on a clown mask, a leather tactical bondage harness, and polka dot pants, it has a way of thrusting you into the role whether you like it or not. People are gonna treat you a certain way, you’re gonna get looked at differently immediately — and that was very much the case with Sweet Tooth. Once the costume went on, If I couldn’t slip into character, the world would slip into character around me because I was pretty terrifying to gaze upon just walking around.” He added that he felt some purposeful avoided him, saying, “Nobody usually did [have lunch with me]! I think they all thought I was way more method than I really am.”

Sweet Tooth first debuted in the original 1995 Twisted Metal video game, eventually serving as the series mascot. In this Peacock adaptation, he is physically embodied by Samoa Joe but voiced by Will Arnett, whose talents have earned the show praise from our own Alex Maidy. The rest of the cast includes Anthony Mackie as John Doe, Stephanie Beatriz as Quiet and Thomas Haden Church as Agent Stone, with other roles from the likes of Neve Campbell, Richard Cabral and Mike Mitchell. OK, so can we please get more Axel for season two?

What did you think of the first season of Twisted Metal? Other than Sweet Tooth, which franchise characters do you want to see in Twisted Metal? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: CBR

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