Sarah Nicklin and Judith O’Dea face the Abandoned Dead on DVD

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Abandoned Dead Mark W. Curran Sarah Nicklin

Nearly fifty years after starring in George A. Romero's classic NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, Judith O'Dea is once again dealing with horrific creatures from beyond the grave in writer/director Mark W. Curran's ABANDONED DEAD, now available on DVD and VOD.

Prolific indie scream queen Sarah Nicklin takes the lead in the film, which also stars Robert Wilhelm and Carlos Ramirez.

The story: 

Rachel Burke (Nicklin) is a young security guard assigned to a creepy run down inner-city addiction clinic, but soon discovers she is not alone. Paranormal disturbances manifest an angry malevolent force building in deadly intensity. As visions emerge from the shadows, she must align with spirits of dead victims murdered by a sinister demon doctor (Wilhelm) hell-bent on immortality. With the help of an inquisitive homicide detective (Ramirez) and a perceptive psychiatrist (O'Dea) they investigate clues revealing a frightening, terrible secret from her shattered past.

ABANDONED DEAD definitely seems like a movie I would like to check out, especially since it offers the chance to watch Nicklin and O'Dea share the screen. The trailer, embedded below, also features some very cool visuals.

If ABANDONED DEAD sounds like something you'd like to pick up on DVD, head over to its official site.

Abandoned Dead poster Mark W. Curran Sarah Nicklin Judith O'Dea

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