Schwimmer Trusts Clive

    Clive in those BMW movie-mercials

Former Friend David Schwimmer’s second time behind cameras, after the quite funny RUN FAT BOY RUN, is going in a much more serious and dark direction. And he got himself a pair of solid leads to do it. A curious match if there ever was one, but interesting still.

Clive Owen and Catherine Keener have joined TRUST which chronicles the hardship of parents whose teenage daughter is latest target of an online sexual predator. Does feel a lot like HARD CANDY meets TAKEN, but so far I prefer Schwimmer as a director much more than an actor, so I’ll give him a chance.

Schwimmer himself came up with the story for screenwriter Andy Bellin to adapt. Nu Image/Millennium is footing the bill and distributing, no release strategy is yet known.

Source: Variety

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