Sci-fi comedy Snatchers to premiere at the Brooklyn Film Festival

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

It seems every major event these days is either getting cancelled, or going virtual (ala the all-virtual Phantasm-Con or Tribeca announcing its jury awards via an online awards ceremony). It now seems that the next virtual film festival is going to be the Brooklyn Film Festival, which – as long as you sign up at their website – will be able to watch over 130 (!) films for free!

One of those films is the sci-fi comedy SNATCHERS, about

an alien invasion in Brooklyn, NY. Alien pods that look like purple corn get spread through Brooklyn’s hipster food truck scene, commandeering people’s bodies and turning Brooklyn, NY into something closer to Suburbia, USA — unless a rogue FDA agent and a rudderless trust-fund millennial can stop them in time.

The film is directed by John Kingman, and – besides being a goofy comedy – is said to be dealing with themes of "gentrification, immigration, and a relentless monolithic hegemony." It'll also feature two of the hosts of the popular bad movie podcast THE FLOP HOUSE, Dan McCoy and Stuart Wellington (who you can see in the still below), in undisclosed roles.

Meanwhile, SNATCHERS (and the rest of the BFF film line-up) will premiere at the Brooklyn Film Festival between May 29th to June 7th.

Source: Brooklyn Film Festival

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