Scorsese says his daughter tricked him into TikTok fame

Martin Scorsese had no idea his latest TikTok venture would be posted online but does admit his daughter has a good eye.

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From asthmatic youth to breakout director to Oscar winner to TikTok sensation, Martin Scorsese has had quite a career trajectory. But one of these wouldn’t have happened without the help of his daughter — yes, the TikTok one. Scorsese may have a newfound fanbase with his recent ventures on the social media platform but he says he was duped into it by Francesca.

As he awaits his 10th Best Director nod for Killers of the Flower Moon, Martin Scorsese has seen his popularity on the internet rise — but it has more to do with his short form content than his epic masterpiece. As far as that goes, he insists, “I was tricked into that…That was a trick. I didn’t know those things go viral. They say ‘viral.’ I didn’t know.”

One recent TikTok found Martin Scorsese choosing the best movie from a set bracket by shaking his head from one side to another, ultimately selecting 2001: A Space Odyssey as the champ. Sorry, Twilight!


In case you can’t tell, we really love 2001: A Space Odyssey @Letterboxd #fyp #martinscorsese #movieranking

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But Scorsese remains clueless on a lot of elements of the internet and TikTok in general, even more so that he says some of these videos are posted without his consent. “That I didn’t know [what] was going to go up…I was just doing it in the other room with her. I don’t know what they’re going to do. They always have those iPhone cameras in their hands. You’re not aware. I honestly did not know she was going to post it…They use the words ‘post it,’ right?” He added, “I don’t know anything about that…But I will say that my daughter has a good eye.”

In addition to deciding that 2001 was better than Parasite in the final round, Scorsese has been the subject of other TikTok escapades courtesy of Francesca, including one in which he had to decipher Gen Z slang and another where he directs his Schnauzer, something later mocked by Joe Russo. Now let’s just hope she doesn’t get him to do one of the more idiotic trends out there.

What are your thoughts on Martin Scorsese’s TikTok fame? Which trend do you want to see the 81-year-old join in on?

Source: Los Angeles Times

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