See how the Devil with Yellow Eyes was created for Marvel & FX’s Legion

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Now that Marvel & FX's LEGION has come to the end of its psychedelic and very successful first season, many viewers have been left wondering what's in-store for when the show makes its return in early 2018. As the reviewer of the show here at JoBlo, I can tell you that … I have positively no freakin' idea. In truth, I can think of about three ways that Noah Hawley and his talented team can continue the trail of breadcrumbs left by Season 1's finale, but I'd rather get to the good stuff of why all of you fine people have clicked on this here link.

Today, we've got a truly fascinating behind-the-scenes look at how LEGION's ancient mutant antagonist, the Devil with Yellow Eyes, was created. The video covers everything from concept art to how the six-foot-eight actor portraying the psychic parasite underwent the extensive application of prosthetic makeup each and every day to complete the terrifying look of the character.

Check it out:

Also, be sure to check out my thoughts on the season finale of LEGION by reading the review posted here. My hope is that the overwhelming fan response of LEGION wil prompt studios to take more risks with comic book-related television properties going forward. This isn't a knock on The CE shows like ARROW, LEGENDS OF TOMORROW and SUPERGIRL, far from it, I'm simply saying that we now have concrete proof that an oddball show like LEGION can and does work. It'd be cool to see some studios dig deep into the comic bins and find some more screwball concepts to adapt to screen. After all, comics are all about exploring the fantastic and otherworldly. 

Be sure to watch LEGION when the show returns for its second season in early 2018

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