See The Avengers reinterpreted through Japanese archetype, medieval badassery, and sexy cosplay

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

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We certainly had an impassioned response to last week’s UnPopular Opinion about just how good (or not) THE AVENGERS really was/is/will be, but I for one still love the gooey comic book-style goodness that Joss Whedon brought to cinema’s summer table. 

One of the truest testaments of an artistic work’s enduring effectiveness is how it inspires others to reinterpret it through a new lens, and by that measure alone THE AVENGERS is definitely noteworthy.  And that’s excluding any paid comic book reinterpretation – what you’ll find below is merely art and costume sprung from the minds of people who were touched or left laughing and grinning by their viewing experience.  People who were spurred on by what they saw to create a new world, to meld the past and present into something new and exciting, or to just look incredibly sexy while posing in costumes inspired by the summer’s hit movie. 

Whatever the reason and whatever the result, whether any of these float your Helicarrier or not, I say they just go to show the power of passion and the superb sort of invention we are all capable of.  So if something like THE AVENGERS inspires you to create – go for it! And then don’t be afraid to set it loose in the world, because you never know how your own work might just manage to inspire someone else…

First up is Italian comic book illustrator Denis Medri:

Avengers fantasy 1

Avengers fantasy 2

Next up is artist Alex Mitchell:

Sengoku Avengers

Followed by imgur user dylanjosh:

Avengers medieval 1

Avengers medieval 2

Avengers medieval 3

Avengers medieval 4

Avengers medieval 5

Avengers medieval 6

Avengers medieval 7

Avengers medieval 8

Avengers medieval 9

And finally, a compilation picture of sexy AVENGERS cosplay/photography:

Sexy Avengers compilation

Bonus! More of the sexy Captain America seen above, Alex Mitchell’s “Chambara JLA” (click for larger), and Denis Medri’s “Greaser Batman”:

Sexy Captain America small

Chambara JLA

Batman Greaser


Source: imgur, MTV

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