See the season’s winners and losers in this 2013 Summer box office infographic

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

Well, the summer movie season has closed its doors, so now it's time to take stock of what was the 2013 box office for the season. In short: Not bad at all. Now, opinions may vary on the quality, but in terms of dollars and cents, the cash flowed freely. A new infographic from sums up the overall stats of the summer quite well, painting a very clear portrait of the winners and losers. Clearly, sequels rated PG-13 were king (with only two R-rated pics in the top 10), yet it was independent films that were the best reviewed. Imagine that, eh?

The summer box office is always the most fun to watch and almost always comes up with some unpredictable results. The surefire success of IRON MAN 3 was no surprise, but seeing DESPICABLE ME 2 in the 2nd spot, as well as THE HEAT, THE GREAT GATSBY, and THE CONJURING even in the top 10 is very interesting. Obviously, the notable absence of THE LONE RANGER and AFTER EARTH shows that even big box office draws like Johnny Depp and Will Smith can have a bad year.

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