Shazam! first reactions tease a hilarious, heartfelt, exciting blockbuster

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While everyone in American piles into theaters to watch Marvel’s latest outing, CAPTAIN MARVEL, Warner Bros. and DC comics want you to know they also have their own “Captain Marvel” movie coming out soon. That’s right, the character that now goes by Shazam is getting his own movie too, and several critics and journalists were invited to a screening of the movie and were able to share their reactions a whole month before the thing hits theaters. With that kind of move, you’d think the studio has a lot of confidence in their latest outing and based on the reactions they have every right to be.


Teased from the start of production as a superhero movie meets BIG, the story about teen Billy Batson (Asher Angel) turning into a muscular hero (Zachary Levi) after saying the word “Shazam!” is so far being praised in the first reactions from writers. Our own Paul Shirey (and his son) were in attendance, with him saying the movie effortlessly blends the themes of growing up as both a teen and a superhero in a hilarious and thrilling fashion. While also praising the performance and Jack Dylan Grazer as Batson’s best pal Freddy, he also said that all those funny moments we’ve seen in the trailers barely scratch the surface.

Plenty of other writers seem to agree with him, with the general consensus being the movie is just as hilarious as the trailers suggest, while also being equal parts exciting and heartwarming. Check out the reactions below:


SHAZAM! is in theaters April 5.

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