She’s The One

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Director: Edward Burns
Writer: Edward Burns
Producers: Edward Burns, Ted Hope, James Schamus
Edward Burns
Cameron Diaz
Jennifer Aniston
Definitely not the most original or surprising movie to come to us from good ol’ Irish New Yorker, Ed Burns, especially since his first film THE BROTHERS MCCMULLEN is essentially about the same things, but a pretty entertaining and funny film nonetheless.

I think the biggest reason that I didn’t mind this movie so much (okay, so I kinda liked it too!) was because I could relate to it gangbusters. It’s basically about a bunch of 20-somethings looking for love in all the wrong places, finding love, losing love, having sex, losing sex, etc and so forth.

I appreciated most of its characters, all of whom seemed pretty well drawn out, and especially liked the way that they all “came together” at some point or another in the movie. I also appreciated the surprises tossed into the film here and there, and the many funny one-liners and straight dialogue.

Acting-wise, I can’t say that Burns’ girlfriend at the time, Maxine Bahns, impressed me any more than she did in THE BROTHERS MCCMULLEN (which wasn’t much!) and Mike McGlone (another MCCMULLEN alum) was also on and off. Everyone else was pretty solid across the board, especially Burns, who continued his usual “casual” guy acting routine, John Mahoney, who played the ideal Irish dad, and Cameron Diaz, who was actually able to wire some humanity through her “beeyatch”-type character.

On the whole, this film gave me a few laughs, a couple of moments of pause and an overall “easy” night at the house. Ninety minutes and nobody got hurt…just the way I like it. Now where’s the beer again…?

(c) 2021 Berge Garabedian

She’s The One