Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery heading to the big screen for the first time

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

One of the greatest horror novels of all time is Shirley Jackson's THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE. Netflix has a TV adaptation of that story coming our way soon via director Mike Flanagan (HUSH, GERALD'S GAME). 

And today we have word that another one of Jackson's most famous stories THE LOTTERY is finally making its way to the big screen. Jackson’s classic short story is being adapted by Jake Wade Wall (THE HITCHER) who is writing the screenplay and author Jackson’s son Laurence Hyman is an executive producer.

Producer Frank Marshall:

I liked what Jake was doing in developing it and bringing up to the present day. It’s has a dystopian, Handmaid’s Tale feel about it, which makes it very timely. And, it has a great twist at the end.

The Lottery first appeared as a short story in the pages of The New Yorker and centers around:

A town tradition and superstition to help ensure a good farming season. It has the townsfolk picking up a piece of paper out of a weathered box. It’s a tradition that has gone on for decades, as one man says, it was his 77th time. When one family picks a piece of paper and ends up “marked,” despite protests from the desperate mother, they continue to chose again within the family until a black spot appears on the piece of paper. It’s only until the mother’s panic, does the reader know something isn’t right. 

Marshall will produce along with Christine Holder, Andrew Wilson, and Mark Holder.

I'm excited to finally see Jackson's classic short story brought to the big screen. There hasn't been a director attached to the film yet, but with it set in a quaint farming town, I can think of no one better than David Gordon Green to head up the movie. Maybe he'll get to it after completing Blumhouse's upcoming HALLOWEEN sequel. 

We'll let you know when we hear more!

Source: Deadline

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