Sleepaway Camp: Felissa Rose says new movie is in the works

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

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Sleepaway Camp is one of my favorite slasher films of the '80s and it definitely stands out for one hell of a shocking ending. It could easily get lost in the slasher movie movement that dominated the time period but it has been able to stand out over the years which had led to a pretty sizable cult following. Felissa Rose, star of the first film, recently revealed to "Bloody Disgusting" that the franchise may be seeing another entry in the near future and I'm all for it.

"I will say this, because there's been so much looming around the Sleepaway Camp universe for so long. Will they remake it? Will there be another sequel? I know that something's in the works. I don't even really know exactly how it will be, but I can tell you that definitely like-we just had our 37th anniversary-I would love to say that, mark my words, by the 40th, something will be out."

In the original film, Felissa Rose played Angela Baker, a shy and withdrawn teen who is sent to Camp Arawak with her cousin Ricky.  Soon, a series of strange accidents turn to murder at the camp and it's resident's being to get picked off one by one. The film is known for its very revealing ending that I won't even give away here despite the film being 37 years old because it's best to see that moment without any prior knowledge of its existence. Rose had an idea of what she would want to see in the next film but her quote does have spoilers about the original film's ending so read ahead at your own risk:

"Now, if they ever consulted with me, I would love to see a prequel to the Sleepaway Camp world. Because this is one of those movies that is driven by the circumstances that happens in the beginning of the film. And I would love to understand who is Aunt Martha? What happened to her in creating all that she did with Angela and Ricky? Why didn't Angela go to camp with Ricky the other summer? With all of this, I would love to see a prequel. I would love to make the prequel. So, definitely we haven't seen the end of Sleepaway Camp. For me it's my whole life. It gave me a life. Sleepaway Camp gave me a life. That's the truth. It sounds weird when I say that, but I married my husband because he was the-I didn't marry him because he was the number one fan, but I married him and he was the biggest fan of the movie… We met because he came to the set of Return to Sleepaway Camp almost eighteen years ago and we met because he was this crazy fan of Sleepaway Camp."

If you're a fan of Sleepaway Camp and the subsequent sequels, you know that Felissa Rose is a huge supporter of the franchise and has been a huge advocate for horror movies. I respect the fact that she has embraced the genre over the years and continues to make her niche. I wouldn't mind seeing another Sleepaway Camp film and her idea for another installment is pretty intriguing as a fan.

Do YOU want to see another Sleepaway Camp film?

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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