Smallville creators on whether they would revisit the show in a continuation

As plans go forward for James Gunn to reboot Superman with a younger actor in the red cape, the creators and writers of the hit TV show, Smallville, which also featured a young Clark Kent, reflect on their time making the series and consider the question of revisiting the show. The Hollywood Reporter recently sat down with Al Gough and Miles Millar, who also created the runaway hit Netflix show, Wednesday, and spoke about their foray into the man of steel’s teenage years.

When the subject of reboots and revivals came up, The Hollywood Reporter asked if the duo would be interested in catching up with Clark Kent as he was finally realized as Superman in the Smallville finale.

Al Gough responded,

To be honest, no. I think we told that story, and they’re always refreshing Superman. I just read last night that James Gunn’s writing a new younger Superman movie, and I’m like, “OK.” I feel like we were very, very fortunate to do the show when we did it because we got to make the show we wanted to make, and frankly, there was no committee sitting over us telling us what we could or couldn’t do.”

Smallville first aired on the now-defunct WB channel back October in 2001 and would acquire a total of ten seasons. It told the story of Clark Kent in high school as his powers started to strengthen in a puberty-like manner, and the show followed his experience in dealing with the discovery of his origin and its meaning. Clark would be high school friends with Lex Luthor in this interpretation.

“The whole premise of the show was not canon,” adds Miles Millar. “The idea that Clark arrived in the meteor shower that killed people and that Lex was there. All those things were completely new, added to the mythology of Superman, but we categorically would not be allowed to make that show and make those changes today, which is a real tragedy because I think what’s amazing if you look at the history of comics and these characters, is they’re always evolving.”

Source: THR

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