Some-body once told me…Shrek 5 is being written by Austin Powers writer

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

I know it's cool to shit on the SHREK films – and it definitely devolved as the series progressed – but I still have a soft spot for the first two films. I don't know if it's nostalgia (I was young when those ones came out), or if they're actually legitimately good, but I definitely have fond memories. From the interrogation of the Gingerbread Man, to the skewering of Disney-like fairy tales (like Geppetto selling Pinocchio for money), to the edgier humor ("Think he's compensating for something"), to the use of cuss words (which blew kid Damion's mind), I thought it was a fun ride. Even the sequel had a great hook (meeting the in-laws) and a nice coda to the first film (Princess Fiona chooses to stay an Ogre, which in the first one was still part of the curse). So while the third one isn't great (besides a nice D&D reference) and the fourth one is a garbage fire, I won't count SHREK 5 out yet.

And apparaently Michael McCullers, who co-wrote the AUSTIN POWERS sequels with Mike Myers, is being courted to write the screenplay after a pitch of his impressed the studio. Besides AUSTIN POWERS, McCullers is an SNL staff-writer alumni, and also wrote the script for the suprisingly decent PEABODY AND SHERMAN adaptation. That's not an outstanding resume in my opinion (I liked the AUSTIN POWERS sequels, but not sure they were better than the first, and while decent, PEABODY AND SHERMAN also wasn't great), but I'm willing to give him – and the film – a chance. If only to redeem the fourth one at the very least. 

Now don't get me wrong – I'd rather them leave well-enough alone. I'm not clamouring for a new SHREK movie or anything. But I like to keep an open mind, and who knows? Maybe it'll be great. Or it'll be shit and we can just ignore it. I mean, that is an option.

So what're are your guys's opinions on SHREK? And you looking forward to yet another sequel?

Source: Hollywood News

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