Spielberg Tintin news

new Editor-in-Chief, Mike Sampson, was lucky enough to be invited to
a meeting with Steven Spielberg today (along with a few other sites)
and just called me to say how cool it was to meet the man himself.
Of course, it was Mike who unwittingly managed to get us that
amazing quote from Mr. Spielberg back in 2002 (CLICK
for more on that). He’ll be writing up his visit in a few
days (although no major scoops, folks), but he did tell me that they
managed to find out some more details about the upcoming TINTIN
movies with which both Spielberg and Peter Jackson are involved.

of all, they will apparently be part of a trilogy. Secondly, the
films will be made in “motion-capture” (like THE POLAR
EXPRESS and BEOWULF), Spielberg will direct one of them in L.A.,
Jackson will direct one of them in New Zealand and they will both
help each other with their separate movies (apparently they will
take about 30 days each to shoot them). Also, if they don’t find
another director for the third part of the series, they would co-direct
that one. Wow. Can you imagine? This whole thing is starting to
sound pretty damn sweet at this point. I own the entire hardcover
French series of Tintin and I loved that stuff when I was younger.
Can’t wait!

Source: JoBlo.com