Split 2 now has an 11-page outline says M. Night Shyamalan

Last Updated on July 21, 2021

Boom. You really can't beat M. Night Shyamalan's three successive weeks at the top of the box office with SPLIT! Oh, wait. Yes, you can. M. Night did it himself back in 1999 with THE SIXTH SENSE. Man, when the guy's got a hit, he's got a "beast" (har, har) doesn't he? 

Well, he knows it as much as we do, so M. Night took to his Twitter on Saturday and threw out this little jewel:

The return-to-form for Shyamalan SPLIT earned $14.6 million this weekend, in it's third week, beating the newly released horror-remake-sequel RINGS . More impressive is that SPLIT has now grossed an impressive $98.7 million, all on a budget of just $9 million. I know $9 million might not sound like small beans, but that's a hell of a return on investment, huh? 

Shyamalan has already said that “Split” is the second of a trilogy (along with, you know, that other movie) and he recently told USA Today he’s “pretty excited” about the outline he’s got so far. “It’s very big, so that scares me a little.”

I personally don't care how 'scared' the current outline makes Shyamalan. After all the scares he's given me over the years, I say he needs to man the fu*k up, and let's get UNBREAK– *COUGH* Urm… SPLIT 2 cooking! Were all "pretty excited" about it, you know?

As always, we will keep you up-to-date on all things SPLIT 2 as the months roll on. Here's to hoping the news keeps flooding in. Just like the flick's box-office bucks. Now I wonder if Anya Taylor-Joy will be back to play like, you know, the Bat-Girl to, you know, that one dude's Batman. That'd be awesome.

Source: CNN

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