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Every now and then, a successful TV show creates a spinoff that fans fall in love with (Frasier, Daria, even The Simpsons, believe it or not). Unfortunately, these gems are heavily overshadowed by the worst of the worst (Joey, Joanie Loves Chachi, Saved by the Bell: The College years). The term “spinoff” is now met with rolling eyes and groans, when its full potential hasn’t even been tapped. In the new Golden age of television, the fields are ripe for harvest! Sick of waiting for Hollywood to hurry the hell up, we’re just going to do it ourselves. Your favorite shows are about to be Spun.

The most popular show on television (unquestionably), especially this past summer has been Game of Thrones. With the success it has achieved, and the viewers it’s brought in for HBO (the most viewers out of every HBO original series ever), executives would have been foolish not to follow up on the series in some capacity. Not long ago, news broke that HBO was planning 4, possibly 5 spinoffs of Game of Thrones, confirming the beliefs of many fans that the premium channel would find new ways to milk the cash cow that is George R.R. Martin (pictured below). These spinoffs could go in many directions, but the rumor is that whatever direction is chosen, they will not feature current characters from the wildly popular series. While the series has provided us with insanely deep character development, and a history that would make a spinoff simple, there’s one story Thrones fans have been desperate for since Season 1. If we had things our way (which we never will), here’s the spinoff we’d see.

Writer, Hipster Santa, and recently milked George R.R. Martin.


Title: The Mad King

The Pitch: Early on in Season 6 of G.O.T., the Three Eyed Raven pulls Bran out of a vision that took place in Winterfell to give him a warning; if he becomes too enamored with the past, he won’t want to return to the present. The Audience waited for 6 years just to catch a glimpse of that time, and if we’re honest with ourselves, we’ve been dying to go back ever since. A spinoff of Game of Thrones, The Mad King would focus on Aerys II Targaryen; Robert’s Rebellion; The War of the Usurper, the last great war before the HBO Series picks up. We all know the Targaryen Dynasty crumbles by the end, but this show is about so much more than that. With him filling a role similar to GOT’s Cersei Lannister (The Mad Queen?) in this series, we’ll watch as Aerys becomes increasingly erratic, paranoid and murderous over time. We’ll witness that slow descent into madness. Considering that the aftermath of these events left everyone in the personal and political climate that we see at the start of the Game of Thrones, fans of the show have a right to see these events in detail, not just discussed casually among characters once or twice a season.

The Characters:

Game of Thrones has proven over the last 7 years that it sits on the Iron Throne of character development. The writers found a way to pull of some incredible multi-tasking by balancing the on screen time of their main characters to a level that would make Marvel jealous (before you argue that point, Game of Thrones has had roughly 49 main characters over the course of the series). If you plan on following in the footsteps of greatness, or in this case following in the footsteps of yourself, you'll not only need a large cast of characters, but characters that could run the development gamut (Recent example would definitely include Jaime Lannister).

Having taken place about 15 years before the start of Thrones, there’s a few characters we don’t know too much about. Such as Aerys II Targaryen. The Mad King himself, Aerys met his end at the hand (rimshot) of Jaime Lannister after hours of repeating the same phrase over and over. “Burn Them All.” It would be interesting to see what the madman is like when he’s in full possession of his faculties, well before the rebellion even begins. He could have been a pretty ok guy, for all we know. I’m willing to bet that somewhere out there, there’s an image of a happy Aerys Targaryen…

What about Rhaegar Targaryen & Lyanna Stark: R+L=J? Probably the worst kept secret throughout the History of Game of Thrones, seeing this relationship serialized is necessary. Even though Lyanna made 2 brief appearances in Season 6 through Bran’s visions, Rhaegar barely showed up in the season 7 finale. So little is known except that these two actually were in love, they actually did get married, and they actually named their son Aegon. Even though viewers have theories, they’d still want to see how one marriage ended and another marriage began.

And then there’s Rickard Stark. Again, one small appearance. But seeing how Rickards execution kicked off the rebellion against the Mad King, it’s a good way to close out a first season, right Ned?

In addition to somewhat familiar names, there are a few characters that Thrones hasn’t introduced us to, and we’d get to explore their stories from the beginning. Most of the main characters have been introduced or mentioned many times before, so there aren’t too many that would be new. On the other hand, there are so many returning characters, they could fill the Great Sept of Baelor.

You could fill it, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Robert and Stannis Barratheon, Tywin, Jaime and Cersei Lannister, Roose Bolton, Ser Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane, Walder Frey, and Ned Stark just to name a few (more could easily be worked in if the writers so desired).

Plan B Pitch: 

With the knowledge that HBO won’t do this spinoff, here’s my Plan B; Aegon’s Conquest. Of course I’m referring to the Aegon that isn’t Jon Snow. Though, since both Aegon’s seem to prefer incest, the confusion is understandable.

That Iron Throne? Made by Aegon, with the swords of his enemies. Conquering Westeros with Dragons? Daenerys has done well, but Aegon did it first (and best, tbh). The table map in Dragonstone used by Stannis and now Daenerys? That’s Aegon’s. A lot of what we’re familiar with originated from Aegon. He’s the broth of an Ice and Fire stew. He’s the George Washington of Westeros, white hair and all (no wooden teeth, too flammable).

So c’mon, HBO. You have a chance to do some major fanboy service at the close of season 8. If rumors are true, the Mad King will probably never come to pass. Aegon’s Conquest, however, is not only doable, but will debut with significant hype behind it.

What do you think, Schmoes? What will it take for HBO to make this a reality? Should it even be a reality? Or is there a better Game of Thrones spinoff in the mythology that no one has quite figured out yet? Should I have read more than 3 of the novels before writing this column? Sound off in the comments!

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