Stan Lee documentary due to hit Disney+ in 2023

The 28th would have been Stan Lee’s 100th birthday. And Disney just made the announcement that there will be a new documentary on the Marvel Comic writer and the impact he’s had on the pop culture of today. Especially with the decade-long movie run of the famed Marvel Studios. There is not a lot known of the content featured or the speakers who will be featured, but Deadline has recently reported on the announcement trailer that simply sports the title, Stan Lee.

Deadline also gives a bit of history on the Marvel Comics creator, “As a writer and editor for Marvel Comics, Lee became the most famous comic book creator in the history of the medium — he was the only creator in the field whose fame rivaled that of the characters he created. His career began in 1941 when — at age 17 — he got his first published work, a prose story that appeared in the fifth issue of Captain America Comics. It was the 1960s, however, when Lee minted his reputation and tapped into a vein of pop-culture creativity that made history.”

As Marvel Studios looks to recover from the perceived lackluster phase 4 of films, a phase which is the first without Lee cameos due to his death at 95. “Lee died at age 95 in 2018. He was the co-creator of Spider-Man, the Avengers, the X-Men, the Hulk and the Fantastic Four, among many others, and his cameos in the blockbuster Marvel films based on those characters are eagerly awaited by fans.”

You can now watch the short announcement trailer. The specific date of release has yet to be revealed, but it will be available to stream on Disney+ some time in 2023.

Timur Bekmambetov will be producing films based on Stan Lee's horror stories Carnival of Killers and Sawbones. Pet Sematary alumni are writing

Source: Deadline

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