Patrick Stewart pushing Paramount to make a Star Trek: Picard movie

Patrick Stewart talks his original ending to Star Trek: Picard and reveals he’s been pushing Paramount to make a Star Trek: Picard movie.

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While the first two seasons of Star Trek: Picard didn’t win praise from every fan, it’s safe to say that the recent third season was a home run. Patrick Stewart had initially resisted turning the series into a Next Generation reunion, but showrunner Terry Matalas made it work in a way that felt organic. There have been rumblings of a Star Trek: Picard spin-off, but Patrick Stewart has something else in mind… a Star Trek: Picard movie.

I am gently pushing Paramount to let us do one single Picard movie,” Patrick Stewart wrote in Time. “Not a Next Generation movie, as we have already done four of those. This would be an expansion and deepening of the universe as we’ve seen it in Star Trek: Picard. I’ve discussed this with Jonathan [Frakes], Brent [Spiner], and LeVar [Burton], and they are all game.” Stewart added that if the Star Trek: Picard movie does happen, “Jonathan is my first choice to direct it.

The third season of Picard gave the crew a well-earned and fitting sendoff, one that certainly felt lacking in Star Trek: Nemesis, which is the only thing that would give me pause about a potential movie. Paramount has a handful of new Star Trek projects coming up, including a Starfleet Academy series and a Section 31 movie starring Michelle Yeoh. Star Trek: Picard, particularly the third season, was a big hit for the studio, so if Patrick Stewart is game to return one more time, I’m sure they’re considering all options.

Patrick Stewart also spoke of the original ending he had in mind for Star Trek: Picard. He told the producers that he wanted to see a “content Jean-Luc” at the end of the series. “I want to see Picard perfectly at ease with his situation,” he said. “Not anxious, not in a frenzy, not depressed. And I think this mean that there is a wife in the picture.” A final scene was written, which took place at dusk at Jean-Luc’s vineyard with his dog (Number One!) by his side, and then you hear a woman’s voice off-screen saying, “Jean-Luc? Supper’s ready!” It was never made clear if the voice belonged to Beverly Crusher, Laris, or someone else, but Jean-Luc would have turned to his dog, “C’mon, boy,” and headed inside as the scene fades to black. The crew wound up running out of time, so the scene was never shot, but if the Star Trek: Picard movie happens, perhaps Stewart will get the chance to bring his original ending to life.

Would you be down for a Star Trek: Picard movie?

Source: Time

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