Stephen King visits the set of Mr. Mercedes, says it looks awesome

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

The TV adaptation of Stephen King's novel MR. MERCEDES is currently filming its first 10-episode season, and guess who decided to show up on set and (no doubt) scare everyone to death? None other than Mr. Stephen King himself.

Can you imagine? I mean think of it as if you were at working there, trying to do as good a job as you can, when all of the sudden Stephen f*cking King is standing over your shoulder watching every move you make. You then look down and around and realize King CREATED the project you're working on!

Actually, that sounds awesome.

Anyhow, not only did the King stop by the set of MR. MERCEDES, but he then to Twitter to let the world know that he thinks the new series is "awesome" … Along with THE MIST series, 1922, GERALD'S GAME, THE DARK TOWER, and IT for good measure.

Check out his tweet.

Good to know, Mr. King!

I'm looking forward to every single one of these projects and if you forced me to say which one I am MOST excited about, I don't think I could tell you. IT, it's totally IT. But past that, I would have a hard time saying which I am more excited about.

MR. MERCEDES fist season will run 10-episodes. David E. Kelley is the showrunner and it stars Brendan Gleeson and Harry Treadaway, Jharrel Jerome, Mary-Louise Parker (see below), Justine Lupe, Scott Lawrence, Kelly Lynch, Ann Cusack, Robert Stanton, Holland Taylor, and Breeda Wool.

MR. MERCEDES is set to premiere on the Audience network fall 2017.

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