Urkel actor Jaleel White launching his own line of cannabis

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

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"Did Heee Dooo Thaaat?? Yes, he did do that. Family Matters actor Jaleel White, who played nerdy Steve Urkel on the hit '90s sitcom, has collaborated with cannabis brand 710 Labs to create a line of purple cultivars that use names inspired by White's iconic role. 

The new collection is dubbed "Its PurpL" and it features strains of purple bud with names that play on White's role as everyone's favorite nerd Steve Urkel or his suave alter ego, Stefan Urquelle. They'll have Purple Urkel, which is a previously developed strain that was later attributed to the character, and a crossbred variety called Stefan that combines Purple Urkel and a lighter-hued strain called the White.

Jaleel White, who is allegedly a longtime weed smoker, has been sought after for collaborations in the past following the passing of Proposition 64 in California but, according to White, none of them felt right until now:

"At this point, you know, I have smoked and smoked plenty. The legacy of the character has just taken on its own life. I've been associated with something, an avenue of cannabis that's respected and known. Mt criteria was, 'I cannot do this and put out a, you know, boo-boo offering of no effort."

"Its PurpL" is set to launch on Tuesday, April 20, 2021, (very fitting considering it's 4/20 and a holiday for cannabis users) and will only be sold to adults who are 21 years of age or older. The products that will be sold under the brand include one-eighth ounces of cannabis, "Noodle Doink" joints, and vape pens with resin pods. Cannabis is fully legal in 24 states, and while this brand will only currently be available in California, I'm sure there will be plenty of California residents that will want to get their Urkel on with White's new cannabis.

White Played Steve Urkel, the annoying yet genius neighbor of the Winslows on ABC's Family Matters for the show's entire run from 1989 through 1998. The role was supposed to be a one-off but the character proved so popular with the live studio audience, and eventually viewers at home, that Urkel was added to the main canvas. The series started off as a spinoff for Harriette Winslow (Jo Marie Payton) from Perfect Strangers but Urkel's popularity ultimately made him the focal point of the show. Having run for nine seasons and 215 episodes, Family Matters became the second-longest-running live-action U.S.  sitcom with a predominately African-American cast, behind only The Jeffersons.

Will YOU look into getting Jaleel White's Purple Urkel?

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