HBO exec would greenlight a Succession spin-off under one condition

One HBO chairman said that a spin-off to Succession would be greenlit if Jesse Armstrong came to the network with a strong idea.

Succession spin-off

Many of us were disappointed when Succession concluded last year after just a four-season run, leaving us as downtrodden as Kendall on a park bench. But, really, it got out when it should have, not running for more seasons simply because it was a hit. One year removed from “With Eyes Open”, is it possible for more Succession, perhaps in the form of a spin-off? That falls on one man: series creator Jesse Armstrong.

As Casey Bloys, chairman/CEO of content for HBO and Max, told Variety of the potential for a Succession spin-off, “If he wants to do it, I would take [creator] Jesse’s lead on that. If for some reason Jesse called and said, ‘I’ve been thinking about it and I really want to do a spinoff,’ I would say, ‘Great.’” Still, he himself wasn’t entirely sure if it would be justified, as the drama doesn’t exactly have the universe that a series like Game of Thrones does.

That said, Bloys still clearly has a lot of confidence in Armstrong if he would support him on a Succession spin-off series. “First and foremost, it would be up to Jesse, and I would follow his lead. I think he’s taking some time now to figure out what he wants to do, but we’ll see what he wants to do next. He needs a little time to decompress after the show and think about what he wants to do.”

I would have loved to have seen Succession go on for at least another season strictly out of greed; but considering how incredible that finale was and where it left the Roy clan, there really is no reason to keep exploring that world, lest its entire reputation be ruined with one needless season. And considering “spin-off” is the term being tossed around for Succession, who would win out in that power struggle?

Throughout its four-season run, Succession won the Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series three times.

Do you think a Succession spin-off could work? Or is the show best left how it ended? Give us your take in the comments section below.

Source: Variety

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