The Last of Us star Bella Ramsey, Louis Patridge, and Ruby Stokes attend “chemo camp” in the coming-of-age comedy Sunny Dancer

Game of Thrones and The Last of Us actor Bella Ramsey, Ruby Stokes, and Louis Patridge board the coming-of-age comedy Sunny Dancer.

Sunny Dancer, Ruby Stokes, Bella Ramsey, Louis Patridge

The Last of Us actor Bella Ramsey is going from fighting infected to kicking cancer’s ass for the coming-of-age comedy Sunny Dancer. They’re leading the cast of George Jaques’s sophomore feature alongside Ruby Stokes (The Burning GirlsLockwood & Co.) and Louis Patridge (Enola HolmesArgylle). The film, which heads to the Cannes market in May, is one of the event’s most talked about projects.

According to Variety‘s exclusive report, Sunny Dancer follows Ivy (Ramsey), a teenager in remission from cancer. Her spitfire mum and well-intentioned dad insist she attends Children Run Free Camp, a summer retreat for young adults affected by cancer. Ivy scoffs at the camp’s slogan, “Where kids come to kid,” and is more unsettled when a Google search reveals the camp’s cringe-worthy messaging and plastic promotion of smiles and picturesque sunsets. Horrified by what she’s found, Ivy dreads going to what she refers to as “chemo camp.” However, forced smiles and kumbaya-inspired campfire singalongs aren’t the only thing the camp has to offer.

Here’s the official description for Sunny Dancer:

“Sunny Dancer takes a refreshing, uplifting and surprising approach to the teenage cancer story. As Ivy bonds with her fellow campers and blossoms in love — kids and adults emerge from adversity with resilience, humor and heart.”

Hollywood is eyeing George Jaques, a writer, producer, director, and actor who is only 23 years old. His first film, Black Dog, focuses on two teenage boys from very different London backgrounds who embark on a road trip north together. As they make the journey, the pair opens up about their pasts and learns they have more in common than they thought. Ruby Stokes, who stars in Sunny Dancer, also starred in Black Dog.

“I’m beyond excited to the tell this story which focuses on a subject matter very close to my heart,” Jaques said. “I can’t imagine anybody better to bring it to life than the amazing cast of Bella, Louis and Ruby — I am truly thrilled they are a part of it.”

Watch out, Hollywood; the next generation of filmmakers is coming for a seat at the table. You had best make some room! Sunny Dancer could be an emotional powerhouse with levity and positive messaging around serious subject matter. Cancer comedy is a fine line to walk. Let’s hope Jaques and his actors are up to the task.

Source: Variety

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