Sweet Dreams Cthulhu bedtime book is monstrously adorable!

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

Let me start by saying that I don't normally run stories about on-going Kickstarter campaigns.

Nothing against Kickstarter, or any peeps looking to fund shite on the site (I myself have tried so no hard feelings) it's just that once you open the floodgates on a topic such as Kickstarter you have no idea the flood that seeks to drown you in lame projects.

That said, the Kickstarter kid's book "SWEET DREAMS CTHULHU: A Lovecraftian Bedtime Board Book" is the most godd*mn adorable thing I have seen since my Gizmo first popped out of the box in GREMLINS.

You can check out a ton of info and pics below and I linked to the Kickstarter at the very bottom to so if you're looking to invest some ducket, feel free! But, please, don't send me YOUR Kickstarter link. Again, nothing personal, I swear! Just, ugh, you know. Urgh.


SWEET DREAMS CTHULHU is a lushly painted, premium bedtime board book that's sure to help cultists of all ages drift into dreamland.

In the story, Howard Lovecraft is awakened late one night by his old friend, Cthulhu, who has had a hard time sleeping due to some bad dreams and other common fears children experience when the lights go out.

Howard talks Cthulhu through his worries, reassures him, and shows him that the night isn’t so scary after all.

It’s a warm story, packed with lovely art, and features our not-so-scary versions of Lovecraft’s characters fans will recognize from the original book, C is for Cthulhu.

Book Details:

24-page hardcover featuring fully painted illustrations of Cthulhu, H.P., and a host of creepy, yet cuddly Lovecraftian monsters.

A universal theme and positive message… Howard and Cthulhu will help your little cultists face their most common bedtime fears.

A durable, laminated, high-quality board book that will stand up to countless bedtime readings to your insatiable little monsters.

The perfect companion to C is for Cthulhu: The Lovecraft Alphabet Book and the C is for Cthulhu Plush, making sharing the Lovecraft at bedtime even more fun.

What's the deal with Lovecraft-themed Children’s Books?

For me, there’s a certain satisfaction in taking HP’s nightmarish creatures and turning them into something sweet that might help kids at bedtime.

This story, and the issue of nighttime fears, is very personal to me.

See, I wasn’t always Big Uncle Jason.

I was a kid once, and I was terrified of the dark. 

Growing up, I had the only bedroom in the attic, with a view of a crusty old cemetery across the street.

Combine those two things with an overactive imagination, and it was a recipe for a lot of tough nights.

From the age of four, all the way into high school, I slept with my head under the covers, protected from whatever monsters lurked in my room, or just outside my window.

Heck, If I’m being completely honest, I didn’t really get over of my fear of the dark until well into adulthood.

This is a story my boys would have asked for every night when they were little, and I’m sure if my parents had a book like SWEET DREAMS CTHULHU to read to me before bed, my nights wouldn’t have been so tough.

I certainly hope it can help your little ones settle in at bedtime, get some good rest, and keep the shadows at bay.

You can check out more details on the book RIGHT HERE on Kickstarter.

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