Taryn Manning set to the play the ultimate Karen in new suspense thriller

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

This was bound to happen because just about anything can become a movie but Orange Is the New Black star, Taryn Manning, is on board to portray a fictional Karen in an upcoming suspense thriller about the unsavory stereotype.

Writer and director Coke Daniels sees some story potential in the stereotype and is moving forward with a project that can be best described as the ultimate Karen movie. The film will feature a lead character (portrayed by Taryn Manning) that is the embodiment of all the real-life "Karens" that seem to go viral every day due to their unpleasant rants that range from "can I speak to your manager?" to downright racist tirades. Manning will be playing Karen White, described as someone "who believes people should stick to their own kind" and is also labeled as a "racist, entitled white woman in the South who terrorizes her new African-American neighbors." The movie is set in modern times so her new neighbors are also said to be staunch Black Lives Matters supporters, reflecting real-life events that have dominated news coverage in 2020.

For those that are unaware, "Karen" has been used to describe entitled, middle-aged white women that complain at restaurants or retail establishments. The name has more frequently used to refer to women calling the police on Black or other minority groups for arbitrary reasons. This trend often leads to the women in question suffering from public shaming and losing their jobs. It also makes the subject of countless memes and social media posts.

It's not clear when Karen will go into production or when the film will even be released. Additional casting information is unknown as of this writing and while Daniels will certainly have fun poking fun at the infamous stereotype, he also suggests that there will be a moral to his story because, as he puts it, he wants to give an "interesting perspective on social justice and race relations in America." Given the subject matter, I'm sure his film will spark controversy of its own when it's released. 

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Source: TMZ

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