Tessa Thompson joins Thor: Ragnarok

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

tessa thompson

Tessa Thompson is joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Thompson is set to join the cast of the third solo Thor film – THOR: RAGNAROK – perhaps serving as the new love interest for Chris Hemsworth's God of Thunder, as word of Natalie Portman not returning begins to spread. However, there may be more to her than just such a simple trope with Deadline reporting that Thompson "will be a kind of superhero and will appear in other Marvel films as well." Hmmm… Who could she possibly be that would then factor into the larger MCU as it continues to expand? 

Place your bets and start making your guesses. 

After finally making her mark on Hollywood with her starring role in DEAR WHITE PEOPLE and then holding her own against Michael B. Jordan in CREED, Thompson is certainly on her way to stardom. Bigger roles in more mainstream pictures has proven that and, as an actress who never fails to deliver a strong performance in those opportunities, her addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is certainly exciting. Then again, when has Marvel not cast well?

THOR: RAGNAROK opens in theaters on November 3, 2017.

tessa thompson

Source: Deadline

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