The Adventures of Ford Fairlane

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Director: Renny Harlin
Writer: Daniel Waters, James Cappe, David Arnott
Producers: Joel Silver, Steve Perry
Andrew Dice Clay
Wayne Newton
Priscilla Presley
Definitely compatible to those who enjoy the humor of Andrew Dice Clay, this film managed to combine his stand-up routine with an over-the-top plot line with him as the local “rock and roll detective”, many hilarious lines and perfect cartoony feel.

Now I KNOW that most people thought this film sucked but I thought it was hilarious pretty much the whole way through. Director Renny Harlin does his best Tony Scott imitation, the cameos and close-to-nekkid girls were fun and it was nice to see that the filmmakers weren’t taking themselves too seriously either (self-refential jokes throughout).

For Lauren Holly fans, see one of her earliest roles as Ford’s “nerdy” secretary, who of course, goes on to become a sexy babe later on in the film…

Besdies, any film that has Wayne Newton saying “fuck me!” in it, MUST be a funny movie!

A Fun, frivolous, cartoon-like adventure.

Stars Andrew Dice Clay, Priscilla Presley, Wayne Newton, Lauren Holly and even a cameo by the singer of Motley Crue, Vince Neil

(c) 2021 Berge Garabedian

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