The Blacklist season nine confirmed at NBC

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

The Blacklist, season nine, James Spader, NBC

This article contains major plot spoilers for The Blacklist Season 8

If one of your fetishes is the sound of James Spader monologuing all the livelong day, then I'm delighted to say that your ship has come in. Earlier today, NBC announced that The Blacklist has been renewed for a ninth season.

The show is currently in the midst of airing its eighth season, with an episode scheduled for January 29th that will, at long last, reveal the primary target on Raymond Reddington’s notorious blacklist. During the Jan. 22 winter premiere, Megan Boone’s Liz attempted to kill James Spader’s Red by causing him to perish in an explosion, as revenge for Red murdering Liz’s mother, Katarina Rostova. But Liz’s plan went up in smoke — and not only did she fail to kill Red, but she further damaged her relationships with colleagues at the FBI. (via TVLine) What this means, of course, is that it is in fact Liz who is numero uno on Reddington's sh*t list, I mean blacklist.

“Liz and Red are going to war,” executive producer John Eisendrath told TVLine last November after Katarina’s demise. “The death of Katarina makes Liz more resolute than ever about getting answers to questions she’s been asking for seven years. She’s willing to burn every bridge and cross every line in search of the truth. Her resolution, plus all she’s learned from Red over the years about thinking like a criminal, makes her one of Red’s most formidable adversaries.”

It's been a great many seasons since I last checked in with The Blacklist. With that in mind, I've no idea if the show is still engaging fans or is limping to its eventual end. Are you still tuning in for the misadventures of Liz and Raymond Reddington? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: TVLine

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