The boys are back! Warner Bros. greenlights the long-planned Entourage movie

The HBO series Entourage ran from 2004-2011 with rumors constantly swirling about the possibility of transitioning to the big screen.  After closing up shop and leaving the doors wide open to continue the journey of our favorite Hollywood companions we love to hate and hate to love, series creator Doug Ellin has finally got the green light to direct a feature film of his infamous characters (based on his own script), continuing their story after the cliffhanger-ish ending of its final season.

For those uninitiated, Entourage follows the exploits of Vinnie Chase (Adrian Grenier), an up-and-coming actor and his misfit band of sychophants who follow in his Hollywood wake, soaking in the lifestyle of an A-list star.  His brother Johnny (Kevin Dillon), manager Eric “E” Murphy (Kevin Connolly), and loyal follower Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) make up the group, with the epic powerhouse that is Jeremy Piven as Vinnie’s manager, Ari Gold.  Piven took home 3 Emmy’s and a Golden Globe for his performance as the hilarious, venom-spewing superagent. 

Deals are coming together for everyone to return, including many of your favorite supporting characters, although story details are still under wraps.  No shooting date has been set, but expect this develop quickly.  I know there are many who absolutely despise this series and the exorbitant lifestyle it portrays, but I’m of the opposite school of thought.  I loved Entourage for all the Hollywood deal-making shenanigans, parties, and personal hijinks the characters constantly toiled with.  And, really, even if you hate the show, it’s hard not to stand in awe of every scene-chewing performance by Piven. 

The prospects of seeing Ari Gold as the head of a studio are too much for me to miss.  More as this develops.

And for those who may have forgotten where the series left ol’ Ari…

Source: Deadline

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