Anthony Michael Hall says it’s a no-brainer that The Breakfast Club is “right” for a remake

Anthony Michael Hall, who played “brain” Brian Johnson in The Breakfast Club, says he could see the 1985 classic get a remake.

Last Updated on June 27, 2024

Breakfast Club

Anthony Michael Hall may have played the “brain” in The Breakfast Club but he has an idea that isn’t going to sound too smart to fans of the coming-of-age movie: a remake. Hall, who co-starred as Brian Johnson, says the 1985 movie could be ripe for an update.

As Hall told Inverse, a small selection of movies from the Brat Pack era have been brought up as potential remake material. The Breakfast Club is another one that comes up. I think that’s really interesting because there’s a real strong anti-bullying message to the film, which became clear to me over these decades, and I think is powerful. So that’s another one that might be remade in the future…I think that one could be right for a remake.”

Anthony Michael Hall does have a point that the themes and subjects the movie tackles do make The Breakfast Club prescient…but that’s probably why some would argue that it shouldn’t be remade. If The Breakfast Club still works nearly 40 years on, why bother trying to do another? One might also consider its legacy, too, as one of the quintessential teen movies ever made and a true classic overall, even being included in the National Film Registry for its historical significance.

But let’s consider if a remake of The Breakfast Club ever did happen. High schools are still cluttered with stereotypes like the jock, the degenerate, the beauty queen, the freak, and the nerd, but a lot could be done with what today’s teens do. Maybe one stereotype is the social media influencer in detention for recording people without their consent while another is the stressed out try-hard who snapped under pressure in class. There is a lot of potential to be plucked from the modern classroom, so is there actually more of an argument in support of a remake?

Anthony Michael Hall also made the case that that same year’s Weird Science might also be ready for a remake.

What do you think? Could a new version of The Breakfast Club be a hit or does the original still work? Give us your take on the matter below.

Source: Inverse

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