The Cellar: Kevin S. Tenney’s 1989 creature feature coming to Blu-ray

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Kevin S. Tenney, the director of such awesome films as Witchboard, Night of the Demons, Peacemaker, and Witchboard 2, among others, has announced that his troubled 1989 creature feature The Cellar is coming to Blu-ray, courtesy of Vinegar Syndrome. And this release will include his director's cut!

Copies will be shipping out around April 27th and can be pre-ordered at THIS LINK.

Scripted by John Woodward and Darryl Wimberley from a story by David Henry Keller M.D., The Cellar has the following synopsis: 

The Cashen family has just relocated from the city to a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere in Texas. Upon arrival at their new home, Willy, their young son, explores the area, befriending a Native American shaman who warns him of the powerful forces and apparent curse on their land. Meanwhile, at home, Willy senses that there's something unusual about the cellar of their home; specifically that something strange might be living down there…and unfortunately for the Cashens, it's very hungry…

The cast includes Patrick Kilpatrick, Chris Miller, Suzanne Savoy, Ford Rainey, and Lou Perryman.

The Cellar wasn't originally supposed to be a Tenney film. When it started production, Woodward was at the helm – but after eight days of shooting, Woodward had already fallen several days behind schedule, so Tenney was brought in to replace him. Tenney was contacted about the job on Friday and reported to set the following Monday. The finished film isn't great, but at least Tenney got it done on time, and it will be very interesting to see if his director's cut improves some of the film's issues.

Here's some further information on the release:

• Region Free Blu-ray

• Newly scanned & restored in 2k from its 35mm original camera negative & the director’s personal 35mm lab print

• Includes two versions of the film: the theatrical cut and the unseen director’s cut

• Group commentary on both versions with: Kevin Tenney (director), Suzanne Savoy (actress), and Patrick Kilpatrick (actor)

• Introduction by the director

• “From Chicken Shit to Chicken Salad, Unearthing the Lost Cellar” – a brand new extended making-of documentary featuring interviews with the cast and crew

• Reversible cover artwork

• English SDH subtitles

Source: Kevin S. Tenney

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