The Great Chinese Art Heist: Director Jon M. Chu boards Warner Bros. film

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

The Great Chinese Art Heist, Jon M. Chu, Warner Bros.

Crazy Rich Asians and In the Heights director Jon M. Chu is set to direct The Great Chinese Art Heist for Warner Bros.

Based on the GQ article by Alex W. Palmer, the report follows a string of museum art robberies that occurred in Europe, in which Chinese antiquities were stolen, predominantly those that came from the country’s old Summer Palace which was ransacked in 1860 by French soldiers. The thieves have yet to be identified to this day, but the works of art frequently resurface in China. In other words, there’s a new generation of wealthy Chinese people who are collecting artifacts from the old Summer Palace. Is China’s government behind the theft? Is there a shadow organization whose modus operandi is the acquisition of ancient relics? Palmer's article questions who gets to own art, and who gets to own history and culture. Is this all part of an elaborate scheme to reclaim Chinese art? Are the perpetrators having a good laugh at the Chinese government's expense?

Your guess is as good as anyone else's because, as it turns out, museums are remaining mum about the thefts. After all, no one wants their failings in security splashed across every website, right? Plus, what kind of message does this send to possible donors? No one is going to want to store their priceless items in your museum if you cannot guarantee their safety.

The way Deadline tells it, Chu is very excited about the chance to adapt Palmer's story. It will be one of many projects the filmmaker plans to tackle after signing onto films like Wicked,  Rich People Problems, China Rich Girlfriend, and more.

Source: Deadline, GQ

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